Fall Conference Update

The RMASFAA Express is chugging along, moving through the mountainous region of Utah!

We have left Salt Lake City and travelers are enjoying the beautiful scenery. We may need a water stop before reaching Denver as we continue full steam ahead.

We are rapidly approaching our final destination of Cheyenne, Wyoming! Remember to take advantage of the discounted rates at the Little America Hotel. Rooms are going quickly and the discount is only available through September 18, 2013. Guarantee your hotel room stay at http://www.rmasfaa.org/docs/conferences/2013/hotel.html.

Don’t forget to also register for the conference at http://www.rmasfaa.org/docs/forms/memConf13.html. For a refresher on the conference schedule, check it out at http://www.rmasfaa.org/docs/conferences/2013/schedule.html.

Information is being added on a regular basis to the RMASFAA website. Please visit http://www.rmasfaa.org/index.html to keep up with the latest details.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Cheyenne so… All Aboard!

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