2017 RMASFAA Award Winners


Congratulations to the following committee and individuals who received awards during the annual conference last month in Kansas.

Distinguished Service Award:  Stephanie Covington, University of Kansas (KS)

Ron Smout Award for Teaching and Mentoring:  Myra Pfannenstiel, Newman University (KS)

Oscar R. “Jack” Hendrix Award:  Ashley Jost, Johnson County Community College (KS)

RMASFAA Hall of Fame:  Sharon Kienow, Northern State University (SD)

Committee of the Year: Training

NASFAA Leadership Award: Carolyn Halgerson, South Dakota State University, (SD)

Thank you all for your service to RMASFAA.

DMCI Scholarship Recipient – Ashley Stevenson

My experience at RMASFAA was a lot more than what I expected and I got so much more out of it than I thought I would. Being one of the Diversity and Multicultural Initiatives scholarship recipients, I am so grateful to be able to attend the conference in Wichita and meet so many amazing people.

Attending this conference really helped me branch out and network with people from all over the region. Since the conference, I have been in contact with many conference attendees to help get ideas on how to make my position better. Without attending RMASFAA I don’t think I would have such a strong network of people within Higher Education.

I attended a lot of great classes but one of the classes that stood most out to me was the ‘Becoming a Director’ class.  This class really helped put my goals in perspective and gave me a checklist of things I need to do in order to become a Director. One of the main points that has stuck with me is when the presenter said ‘Do the most you can possible do to be an expert in your job, so when the time comes that a director positions opens, you are already prepared.’ This really helped align my career goals and encouraged me to become more of an expert in my position and within my office. So when the time comes, I am prepared to lead.

Another great class was by Billie Jo Hamilton on ‘What is Leadership’.  She really helped explain that not all leaders are made the same and she encouraged us to find our individual leadership skills. She helped us realize our strengths as leaders and how we can become great influencers in our positions. She also dived into the difference of being a leader vs. being a manager. Not that one is more important than the other, but both are needed for different situations.
Lastly, she really encouraged us to find our passions as leaders and utilize our strengths.

This conference really helped me realize that my job here at Utah Valley University, is a lot bigger than me.  There are so many people in the region who are willing to help me succeed and for that I am thankful.

I am so grateful to attend the Wichita Conference not only as a DCMI Scholarship Receipt but also as a member of the newest Leadership Pipeline Class of 2017-2018. I am excited to see where this new journey will take me.

See everyone at Summer Institute in 2018!

Ashley Stevenson - DMCI Recipient
Ashley Stevenson
Federal Work Study Program Coordinator
Utah Valley University

RMASFAA Philanthropy Project

We are proud to be partnering with Wichita, Kansas based organization ICT SOS at RMASFAA 2017…

And We Need Your Help!


ICT SOS (www.ictsos.org) seeks to end domestic sex trafficking through prevention efforts and acts as a liaison between volunteers and the professional organizations who work with at-risk and trafficked youth to create a community that is educated, empowered, and equipped to take action for local impact.

How Can You Help While at the RMASFAA Conference?

Here’s How:

  1. Provide items for the Fresh Start Bags. It may be a challenge for those traveling to pack a full Fresh Start Bag.  ICT SOS has made the following recommendations regarding donations:
    • Do not donate toiletries and hygiene products.  They currently have a very large supply of these items.
    • The most-needed clothing items are sweatpants and hoodies for teen boys and girls.  They ask that you provide new items.  This sends a message that the receiver is WORTH nice, new things.
    • If your office would like to go together to build a full Fresh Start Bag, please note the guidelines listed HERE.
  2. Provide items for tattoo removal/cover-up.  Specifically, they request the following:
    • Unscented Lotion
    • Aquaphor and/or A&D Ointment
    • Liquid anti-bacterial soap
    • Smaller drawstring type backpack
  1. Provide cash donations.  Cash is king!  It travels easily and it allows ICT SOS to purchase the items most-needed for the Fresh Start Bags.  You may donate cash on-site at the conference (donation receipts will be available) or offer checks made payable directly to ICT SOS.

When making your packing list for the RMASFAA Conference, don’t forget to include ICT SOS!  Thank you for helping us make a difference for this very worthy organization.

If you have any questions about the philanthropy project, please contact Robb Cummings, Philanthropy Chair at robb.cummings@salliemae.com or 785-228-9910.

See you next month in Wichita!

Find more info on the attached document or online: http://rmasfaa.org/docs/conferences/2017/project.html