From the desk of RMASFAA’s Past President

NASFAA Update from RMASFAA Past President

The final meeting of the 2018-19 NASFAA Board of Directors was held in Orlando FL, on June 23 & 24. The agenda included the following items. (NASFAA members can access the complete minutes of the meeting at

*Justin Draeger, NASFAA President and CEO, provided a management report which included NASFAA Successes and Highlights such as:

  • Verification Relief
  • FAFSA Act – direct sharing between ED and the IRS
  • Launch of CFAA
  • Standards of Excellence (SOE) far exceeding goals

*Justin Draeger then provided the “President’s Policy Report” discussing recent legislation and activity in congress. The Board then discussed concerns and suggestions related to some HEA (Higher Education Act) recommendations. The Board also discussed specific concerns regarding lack of availability of FSA regional trainers, reduction in timely responses and multiple levels for presentations.

*NASFAA’s Diversity Officer Craig Slaughter provided his annual report including a summary of the goals and accomplishments such as:

  • NASFAA Diversity Toolkit
  • NASFAA Diversity Leadership Program, year one
  • Diversity Sessions at the National Conference

*Blue Icon

Mindy Eline, Executive Director of Business Services, provided a background and summary update of the current status of Blue Icon Advisors. She explained that while NASFAA and Blue Icon will operate as separate, distinct and independent corporate entities, they are related in that NASFAA is the single member of Blue Icon and NASFAA and Blue Icon have certain common goals and interests. The nine member board managers of Blue Icon were approved by NASFAA’s Board of Directors at the June meeting.

*Ethic Commission

President Justin Draeger reported that the primary focus of the 2018-19 NASFAA Ethic’s Commission was on responding to the New America/U Aspire report about substandard award letters that they questioned met NASFAA’s code of conduct and ethical standards.

*Commission Directors Art Young, Karen Krause and Aaron Steffens oversaw task forces and committees in 2018-19 and provided an overview of their groups work including:

  • Student Aid Index
  • Compliance Engine

*Myra Pfannenstiel, current RMASFAA President, is now our region’s voting member on the NASFAA Board of Directors. I would like to thank RMASFAA for allowing me to serve this great organization. It has been a privilege and honor to represent RMASFAA on the NASFAA Board. The experience was enriching, challenging and one for which I will always be grateful for this opportunity.

Ken Kocer



Ken Kocer, 2018-19 RMASFAA Past President


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