December’s Training Tip

Customer Service Advice from Santa and his Elves

 As a child, I always enjoyed watching “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Frosty the Snowman” and the other children’s holiday classics. As an adult, I still enjoy watching some of them this time of the year. It puts me in the holiday spirit and, sometimes after a crazy busy day at work, it’s nice to watch something fun where you don’t have to think!

santa hat

In that child-like spirit, I got to thinking that there are some things we can learn from Santa Claus and his elves that will help us enhance customer service in our offices. This is what I imagine they would tell us…

  1. Review your list and check it twice! – As you’re gearing up for another semester, check your “to do” list to make sure you don’t miss something critical that needs to be done. While you’re at it, double check your work too! Accuracy and detail is key in making a good impression. You don’t want to inadvertently send a “suspension” letter to the wrong student! That won’t make a good impression.


  1. Take pride in your work! – If you enjoy what you do and take pride in doing a good job, your customers will recognize that. That sense of pride is reflected during phone conversations too!


  1. Work as a team! – Whether your office consists of two people or twenty people, everyone needs to work together to get the job done and provide quality service. This is especially true as we prepare for another semester. If you’re struggling to get a project done, recruit others to help. Teamwork is reflected in the customer service provided by your office!


  1. Be nice! – Dealing with the public can be challenging at times. Maybe it’s the student who is stressed because he’s transferring to your school in a few days and he didn’t realize he had to add your school code to his FAFSA. Being kind and empathetic goes a long way in making that student feel welcome!


  1. Take time to enjoy milk and cookies! – We all need to remember to take a break for a few minutes to get away from our busy offices and to refocus. What better what to do that than with milk and cookies!




 Marlene Seeklander


RMASFAA Training Committee

Lake Area Technical Institute

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