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Below you will find a description of RMASFAA’s committees. If you have never considered, have considered, or have served, here is a chance to get engaged or stay engaged in your regional association. What we would love to have is the problem of placing you. We have some, we can always use more. Many volunteers often reflect that getting involved not only positively impacts their life but the lives of others as well. Use the gifts you have in service to others. This is a great place to start. Give it a thought; submit a form today.

Association News – This committee keeps the RMASFAA blog up to date and looks for members to share their impressions of the things happening in their states. Expect to interview a few people for interesting blog posts. All meetings will happen remotely so this is a good committee for someone who wants to get involved but can’t commit to a lot of in-person projects.

Conference – If you’re in Montana (or close to it) and want to get involved in helping to put on an amazing 2019 conference in Billings, this is the committee for you. They are looking for people to help with publicity, registration, materials, coordinating and finding trainers, curriculum, entertainment, decorations and site arrangements.

Corporate Support – This committee reaches out to the corporate members to help with advertising and exhibitions. If you’re interested in enhancing the association member experience, this might be the committee for you.

Diversity & Multicultural Initiatives – This committee addresses the needs of our diverse membership. If you have seen a place where RMASFAA can work to become more inclusive of our underrepresented membership, please volunteer for this one.

Leadership Pipeline – If you’re passionate about professional development, check out Leadership Pipeline. Leadership Pipeline has recently switched from a biennial program to annually, so there will always be plenty of interesting conversations.

Membership – If you want to meet new people, this is the one for you. Membership helps with recruiting new members and checking in on the existing ones.

Summer Institute – If you’ve been to one of our Summer Institutes, you know how many people are involved to make sure the event is a positive educational experience for everyone. They are looking for people to help with publicity, registration, materials, coordinating and finding trainers, curriculum, entertainment, and site arrangements.

Training – The goal of the Training committee is to make a robust calendar of training events available for RMASFAA members.

Volunteer now!

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