My 2018 RMASFAA 50th Anniversary Experience


My 2018 50th Anniversary RMASFAA experience was great!  I had never been to Fargo, North Dakota.  I had seen the movie!  However, it was nothing like the movie.  I arrived on Saturday, October 6 to frigid temperatures for October.  I came prepared from Wichita, Kansas along with my co-workers (Donna Carter and Angie Zeorlin) with my coat and gloves!  We had checked out the temperature before we left.   I was pleasantly surprised of how the city reminded me of Wichita on my hotel shuttle ride from the airport to the beautiful Delta Hotel by Marriott.   The diverse hotel staff were warm, friendly and welcoming!   My co-workers and I enjoyed dressing up for the State pictures and the 50th Anniversary dinner.   The meal was delicious, and the keynote speaker Janet Dodson, provided invaluable information on the establishment of RMASFAA.  A fun fact, Idaho was out and Kansas joined RMASFAA in the late 1980’s.  I think?  I will let the RMASFAA Archivist committee set it straight 🙂  The sessions that I attended were also very insightful and informative…social media, SAP, Verification, Tax Transcripts and IRS DRT are still Hot Topics!!  Overall, I enjoyed the conference and look forward to serving on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.  Fargo didn’t disappoint!  It even snowed on the last day of the conference!

–Karen Porter, 2018 Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship Recipient

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