November’s Training Tip

RMASFAA Training Committee Training Tip

I suppose it’s due to the fond memories of the recent 2018 RMASFAA Fall Conference in Fargo, but when I was thinking of a topic for the Training Committee’s next training tip I kept coming back to the benefits of being involved in industry associations. So, this month’s training tip is to get involved in your state’s association, in RMASFAA, and in NASFAA.

There are many benefits to being involved in our associations, listed below are a few:

  • Expand your network – Developing professional relationships with others in financial aid is a great way to share ideas and learn best practices.
  • Learn new skills and gain professional experience – Our associations provide excellent and relevant training opportunities as well as volunteer opportunities, such as serving as a board member or a committee chair.
  • Find (or be) a mentor – We all need someone to turn to sometimes. And, sometimes we have knowledge we can share. This could be something informal with someone you’ve worked with on a committee or spent time with at a conference, or participating in something more structured like RMASFAA’s Leadership Pipeline or Summer Institute.
  • Enhance your reputation – Participating in a panel discussion or presenting at a conference or webinar will help you to be seen as an expert in financial aid and will help build your confidence in your own abilities.
  • Have a voice for advocacy – Our industry associations bring us together, turning many small voices into one collective, persuasive voice to help influence financial aid legislation.

Those are just a few of the benefits to being involved in financial aid associations. There’s no doubt you’ll experience many more. And don’t get me started on the benefits of volunteering, that’s a long list and a training topic for another day.


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