Colorado: State Update


This year CAFAA celebrated its 50th Anniversary Conference in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado. We had about 130 in attendance for our Spring Conference and this year we welcomed 41 first timers (largest group we can remember).  We honored nine Life Members at the banquet, where they shared their stories of what they were doing currently, gave us words of wisdom and shared their humorous financial aid stories.


Vicki, our Regional President, also graced us with her appearance at our conference to share a RMASFAA update . . . she was on her best behavior!

During the conference, we raised approximately $1000 through our silent auction – all proceeds were donated to the Family & Intercultural Resource Center of Summit County.

Key CAFAA updates include:

  • Revised our membership model-schools now have the option to pay a flat institutional fee for CAFAA membership, which allows institutions to add anyone on campus without paying an additional fee.
  • Survey monkey was utilized for our current member and our non-members to see how can better serve them-We are looking to see what we can do better!
  • Two Professional Development Workshops were offered-This year we offered CAFAA Nuts and Bolts Training in the fall and the CAFAA Professional Development Event in the spring.
  • Working with CESDA/TRIO Programs to continue to foster relationships-We are hoping to have our Financial Aid Awareness Committee put on a workshop for our CESDA/TRIO and High School Counselors yearly to keep them up-to-date on financial aid issues.
  • Monthly Blogs-CAFAA has monthly blogs available to both members and non-members. The blog is public, so if you would like to share on the CAFAA blog please email Cassandra Seamans.
  • Currently have FB, Instagram and Twitter pages-check it out!
  • New Website-Updates include a tiered membership directory, ease of registering for events, and a friendly view for non-members with access to view the board, the executive committee, and committee chairs.
  • Purchased a credit card square-This will allow members to pay at the conference with a credit card and can be used to bid on items for our Philanthropy project at the conference.
  • Purchased a music license-We can play music at our conference!
  • P&P and Bylaws have been updated-Our Past President and our Treasurer reviewed our P&P and Bylaws line by line to give them a good update.

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We have had a fun and productive year!

Eileen Griego
Emily Sams
Association News

emily sams

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