Summer Institute Recap

We made it through the jungle!

I think “a jungle” is a pretty good portrayal of what it’s like to work in financial aid; gainful employment can feel like a quick sand pit, auditors like hungry lions, and R2T4 is like a maze of jungle growth.  Fortunately, our 2017 Summer Institute attendees were up for the challenge and made it through the week as the Kings and Queens of the jungle!  What a fantastic week we had too!  We had everything from Art Young’s amazing parodies of King Louie’s (Jungle Book) “I Want to Be Like You” and “In the Jungle” performances, NASFAA rep Lisa Blazer demonstrating how to rock “Minute to Win It” games (she wasn’t “lion” around), the scavenger hunt (and thievery) from those mischievous Nifflers (you have to watch them carefully), to Monkey abductions, and the random Macaw sounds heard throughout the week.  Summer Institute attendees also learned a TON, including being taught two credentialing topics in each class, made new friends and financial aid connections, and learned how to get involved! We saw the use of laptops/notepads in the classroom as students’ material point of reference (unless attendees chose the print out the material ahead of time) – no notebooks were printed by the SI committee at all (think of all the jungles saved from deforestation!), and – new for SI 2017!! – the RMASFAA blog was used as the source of distribution for the daily newsletter (great idea Entertainment committee!).

A HUGE thank you to our AMAZING faculty and committee who made for such a fun, inclusive, and educational week!  You all are the epitome of team players, positive vibes and why being involved in RMASFAA is so great!

Feel like you missed out by not attending SI 2017?  Well you totally did!  So don’t miss out again, and make plans to attend SI 2018, which will begin Sunday, June 3rd (a week earlier), and is moving to Colorado College (CC), located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Having grown up in Colorado Springs (right by CC), I can speak with certainty that this is a great location, with many fun things to do on the free night!   We look forward to seeing (and learning with) you next year!


Jenny Leigh Adler
2017 S.I. Chair

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