Kansas: State Update

Kansas held its 2017 Spring Conference in Topeka, KS this April on KASFAA’s Easy Street.  Organizers were pleased with the turnout of the spring training event especially since there won’t be a fall event in lieu of the RMASFAA annual conference in Wichita this October.


Over 20 people took advantage of the NASFAA Student Eligibility credentialing opportunity, bringing the total number to around 50 people who have done so.   RMASFAA President, Vicki Kucera came to Kansas to present a workshop about Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Two guest presenters were invited to speak, Jared Estes and Mea Austin.  Jared Estes presented about overcoming massive personal tragedy and Mea Austin spoke about tools to achieve personal and professional goals.

The secret speakeasy raised $1200-$1300 for KASFAA scholarships for members to attend Summer Institute.  Knowing the secret code got you in the door to the awards banquet but it would cost you unless you knew someone who knew someone.  Attendees were so generous, they were able to offer two additional scholarships.

These folks were able to attend Summer Institute!

Kristine Bryant – Benedictine
Jordan Boyles – Washburn
Kay Gordon – Allen CC
Kimberly Cashman – Cloud CC
Tegan Perry – Wichita State
Summer Bond – KCKCC

Don’t forget to tune into RMASFAA Wichita in October!

Dani Reynolds
Association News Committee-Kansas


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