Utah: State Update

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UASFAA held its Spring 2017 Conference April 13-14, 2017 at Utah State University in beautiful Logan, Utah.  Meet the Challenge was the motto, as we all know we meet challenges professionally and personally on a daily basis.

Challenge #1 was met by having Joe Massman, the Department of Education trainer attend. He was gracious enough to present multiple breakout sessions: Calendar, Modules and Title IV; R2T4 for Modules in Terms, and the Federal Update.  As is demonstrated in our offices frequently, meeting the challenge with federal regulations is in constant flux; UASFAA’s members are thankful Mr. Massman was able to attend and present.

Challenge #2 was met by having multiple regulatory breakout sessions by our current members; 1718 verification and 399 comment codes, Current issues in Federal Work Study programs, EFC/Needs analysis, Consumer Information and Cash Management.  The RMASFAA Update was represented by Joe Donlay, who also presented on Consumer Information.

Challenge #3 was met by having sessions devoted to best practices in our offices; 5 must have for modern financial aid offices, Taking a Step Up (dealing with minority, DACA, and refugee students), Repayment plans, Fraud protection, Financial literacy, State-funded Financial Aid programs, and best practices surrounding PPY, PJ and Marital Status Changes.

Challenge #4 was met with the changing of UASFAA Leadership and our annual business luncheon. The new president is Jared Hallows, an Information Specialist at Southern Utah University.

UASFAA has committed to host annual fall trainings. In Fall 2016 UASFAA held a NASFAA U Sponsored Event, training 85 members to become credentialed in two topics (verification and SAP).  Fall training will continue as NASFAA U Sponsored Events in an effort to keep each other well prepared for the challenges ahead.

UASFAA members and conference participants are grateful for the continued support of RMASFAA.


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