Spotlight on New Members

Spotlight on new members


Please welcome DJA, as a new associate member of RMASFAA!

Kristi Cole, Director of Client Services, is the representative serving our region.

DJA has been serving our clients since 1988. Today, the company serves clients in almost every state providing quality work and personalized service, building DJA’s reputation as one of the top companies in the financial aid services industry.

Even with DJA’s success and growth, the company’s foundational philosophy remains the same: to provide personalized service yielding professional results.

From its campus centrally located in Wichita, Kansas, DJA’s hardworking team works to set itself apart from its peers, providing clients with benefits that include:

  • Complete student financial aid file review.
  • Reconciliation of client accounts, down to the penny.
  • Personal, responsive and proactive service that has been the company’s trademark for more than 20 years.

True to the company’s Midwestern roots, clients always get a real person on the phone when they call. That person is their designated account representative who is happy to tie in other members of DJA’s diverse team to advance client objectives and answer their needs.

You can have confidence in the expertise and accessibility of our financial aid services.  DJA undergoes annual audits to verify procedure efficiency and accuracy.  DJA also takes steps to ensure its staff undergoes regular training in the field of financial aid and related technologies. In addition, DJA works closely with the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. as well as in regional USDE offices.




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