Winter Board Meeting


Hello RMASFAA!!  It’s time for me to update you all on the happenings at the Winter Board Meeting that took place on March 10th.  It was a very productive meeting with 28 people in attendance.  Virtually all members of the board made it, which in our world seems almost improbable!   Apparently when you provide chocolate financial aid professionals will follow you anywhere!!

Here are a few highlights:

  • I gave an update to the Board of the progress of the NASFAA Alignment Thought Force committee.  RMASFAA members involved in this thought force are Art Young, Brigham Young University in Utah, Brenda Hicks, Southwestern College in Kansas, Mary Sommers, University of Nebraska at Kearney, and myself.  Each region has a four-member subcommittee that will serve on this NASFAA Thought Force for at least three years.  The hope is that we will be able to better delineate the efforts and responsibilities of the National, Regional, and State organizations to better utilize our financial and volunteer resources.
  • President-Elect Ken Kocer is hard at work putting together the next election ballot and asked the Board for more nominations for the elected positions.
  • Tony Tanking from Benedictine College in Kansas gave a report of the efforts of the Web Ad Hoc Committee that was established last year under then President Joe Donlay to research the RMASFAA website and potential vendors to see if a new web update is warranted and what the costs would be.  The committee did an amazing job and narrowed our options down to four.  The Board will now ask each of the potential vendors (as well as our current provider ATAC) to engage in a web meeting that would outline what they could do for us specifically so that we can make a more informed decision.
  • This is the first year of the Treasurer-Elect position, and current treasurer Donna Carter and Treasurer Elect Becca Dobry gave an update as to how the year was going.  The separation of responsibilities (accounts payable for current treasurer and accounts receivable for treasurer-elect) is working extremely well and has provided much needed relief for a very labor intensive position.
  • This next year will be the first year for the new Vice President Elect position.  The responsibilities of this position regarding overseeing the budget formation process was outlined.  It was agreed that a training opportunity for new board members and committee chairs on budget formulation is appropriate, and will be provided at the fall transitional board meeting in Wichita in October.
  • The Board recognized the efforts of the Training Committee with Janet Dodson as Chair for their incredible efforts in providing NASFAA U Credentialing Training via webinars!!  No less than 9 sessions have been offered, and the response has been amazing.  Unfortunately NASFAA has now prohibited any Webinar credential training at the regional and state level of their materials.  We can provide in-person training; however, only NASFAA has authority to provide the training via Webinar.  The Training Committee was tasked by myself with coming up with creative ways to continue to provide the training next year in person so that as many RMASFAA members as possible could benefit.  Judging from the huge number of RMASFAA members who have taken advantage of these opportunities, the need is obvious!
  • The Conference Committee chaired by Myra Pfannenstiel and Tony Lubbers reported that plans for the Fall Conference in Wichita October 15-18 in Wichita, Kansas, are going beautifully!  Mark your calendar for this conference as you are NOT going to want to miss it!
  • The Membership renewal deadline has been extended to March 31st!  Be sure to renew right away and get your payment in so that you can vote when Ken’s ballot comes out in a couple of months!!

Kudos to ALL committees and state delegates for their reported efforts this year!  It’s an absolutely amazing group of individuals and I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of it!!  And if any of you have questions about things that are going on in our organization, please e-mail me any time at



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