RMASFAA Conference Philanthropy



Sew for Kids is an organization on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Their motto is “Sewing together for the children of Pine Ridge Reservation”. Pine Ridge Reservation is the second largest Indian reservation in the US, located about 50 miles from Rapid City, SD and in the two poorest counties in the entire US. The reservation covers about two million acres and is home to 30,000 Oglala Lakota Sioux Indians. 50-60% of children on the reservation live in substandard and over-crowded housing, many without electricity, running water, insulation, a sewage system or even kitchen appliances.

Although Sew for Kids was formed to send quality clothing, shoes and other items to children on the Pine Ridge Reservation, they assist many other organizations with requested items. Their parent organization was recently changed to Lakota Friends Circle (a 501(c)3 corporation). Lakota Friends Circle supports projects initiated by Lakota community members, including both emergency needs and long-term sustainability (food and energy assistance; woodcutting; programs for youth, families and elders; educational needs; home renovation and construction; renewable energy planning and community gardening).

We will have a booth near the Registration table to accept donations during the conference.

For the 2016 RMASFAA Philanthropy project we are requesting the following:

  • Monetary donations – Please make checks payable to Lakota Friends Circle
    • For those traveling, we know luggage space is tight but cash and checks do not take up much space
  • Clothing for children (boys and girls) ages 0 through 10 or clothing 0-3 months up to size 12-14:
    • Winter coats, Warm hats, Mittens, Scarves, Winter boots, Underwear, Socks, Shoes, Shirts, Pants, Dresses, Pajamas
  • School Supplies (yes we know it is past the start of school but school supplies do need to be replenished during the year)

Learn more about Lakota Friends Circle HERE.

Read the latest on the Sew for Kids blog HERE.

Please consider contributing to this deserving organization. Thank you!

Have questions about the conference?  Feel free to contact our Conference Co-Chairs:

Carolyn Halgerson                                                     Laura Schultz
Phone: (605) 688-4695                                            Phone: (402) 315-9312
Email: carolyn.halgerson@sdstate.edu       Email: laura.j.schultz@wellsfargo.com

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