DMCI Recipient – Yuliana Reyes on Attending SI


Dr. Seuss once said “You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so…get on your way!” The great Mountain for Mines University was indeed waiting for me. I had an incredible time, I learned so much and met wonderful people. The campus was beautiful and the scenery of the mountains was breathtaking. Once I checked in and was given the week schedule, I was amazed at how organized it was. I knew I wanted to participate in all the activities offered. I had been with Financial Aid for two months before attending RMASFAA Summer Institute. In my previous position as a TRIO academic advisor, I was comfortable with the FAFSA process. Yet, I was eager to learn as much as I could about Financial Aid.

I was part of the Hi-Ho-Cherry-O Neophyte track. Deanna and Angie were my instructors they were both friendly, understanding and so approachable. I met so many people that were beginners in Financial Aid and we could relate on so many levels. I discussed the School Certifying Official processes and procedures with Vicky Chance from Colby Community College. I ran into a previous TRIO colleague who is now the Financial Aid Director at Haskell University, it was so surprising to see her.

The morning walks were so much appreciated. I took advantage of the walks because I knew we will not have time to exercise during the day. I enjoyed eating at Market Mines, the food was great.  Our Neophyte track typically sat together during dinner. It was a great opportunity to discuss the information that was presented. The NASFAA content presented at times was overwhelming, but it gave me the foundation to build an understanding of what Federal Financial Aid consist of. In my current position, I’m primarily responsible for verification.  The verification guide has been so helpful. I heavily rely on the guide when I have questions.

My all-time favorite day was when Dan, Jessie, Erica and I explored downtown. We talked for hours as if we all knew each other for years. We exchanged life stories and work experience; we shared where we wanted our careers to take us.  I had an unforgettable time at RMASFAA. The experience gave me the foundation I needed to build a strong and solid career within Financial Aid. I’m thankful I was a recipient of the DMCI Scholarship; I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for that award I may not have had an opportunity to attend. Thank you RMASFAA and the DMCI Committee for such a blessed opportunity.

Yuliana Reyes

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