Our Outstanding Committees-Nominations and Elections

Words cannot express how anxious I was moving into the President-Elect position on the Board of Directors!!   The process of soliciting nominations and recruiting candidates can be very intimidating when you are working in an eight-state area!  But I should have known going in that RMASFAA is no ordinary region and that our spirit of volunteerism and commitment to the organization is unparalleled.  With the help of the committee members listed at the bottom of this report, we were able to put together an amazing list of nominees by April 1st.  The committee then met on April 8th via conference call to “vet” the nominees, with the full understanding that if I couldn’t recruit two candidates for each office, we would need to go back to the drawing board.  Fortunately, that was not necessary.  In one week’s time I was able to put together a full slate of candidates for the ballot, and election commenced.


The results of the election are as follows:

President-Elect, Kenneth Kocer, Mount Marty College (SD)

Vice-President, Stephanie Covington, University of Kansas (KS)

Treasurer-Elect, Becca Dobry, University of Nebraska at Kearney (NE)

Secretary, Erin Richards, South Dakota School of Mines & Tech (SD)

Associate Member Delegate, Natalie Englbrecht, Financial Aid TV (CO)


And here is the committee that helped make this possible!

Robb Cummings – Sallie Mae
John Curl – Utah Valley University
Kay Dinkelman – University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Kelli Engelhardt – University of Great Falls
Eileen Griego – Colorado State University
Micah Hansen – South Dakota State University
Brenda D Hicks – Southwestern College
Janelle R Kilgore – University of North Dakota – Grand Forks
Julie D Wilson – Laramie County Community College

A big thank you to the committee, the candidates who agreed to run for office, and the entire RMASFAA organization for your enthusiasm and commitment to this amazing association!

Vicki Kucera
2015-16 RMASFAA President-Elect
Chair, Nominations & Elections Committee

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