Colorado State Update (Revised)



For those of you who were wondering why the CAFAA conference suddenly moved to Oct 5 and weren’t notified of the change . . . you can put your mind at ease, there was a hiccup in the system. We will be turning 50 in 2017! Say what . . . did you say 50! Yesiree, our 50th celebration will be held May 3 – 5, 2017 at the Villages of beautiful Breckenridge. Stay tuned for more info to come


Professional Development Workshop: November 3-4
Lots of nuts and bolts on Verification, R2T4, SAP, SULA, Professional Judgments and Work study will be the highlight of this workshop. Typically the Professional Development Committee puts on 3 workshops during the year . . . this is the 2nd one of the year with another one coming in 2017.

Financial Aid Awareness Committee
There is talk about having a one day workshop for our CESDA/TRIO/High School Counselor colleagues. We would like to continue building the bridge between our financial aid administrators and our colleagues.

CAFAA Facebook
We are in the process of revamping our CAFAA Facebook page and putting it to good use . . . stay tuned!

Technology Committee
We are very excited to bring on a new CAFAA webpage! The Technology Committee is looking at several options . . . our goal is to make it user friendly and a place where parents, students and High School Counselors can visit to find out important information and important dates regarding Colorado institutions.

CAFAA has a busy and exciting year ahead of us and I have confidence in our organization that together with our membership, Board of Directors and Committee Chairs, we can make this a year to remember!

Eileen Griego
CAFAA President

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