Getting Some Relief: Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Verification

Feeling a little stressed? That may be an understatement. Today’s financial aid professionals are feeling the effects of staffing constraints and increased regulatory compliance requirements, not to mention the demands of a generation of students who expect modern, streamlined, user-friendly experiences.

You’re not alone — and your stress is also having an impact on the people you serve. A 2016 NASFAA survey spells it out: “Across the board financial aid professionals continue to face heavy workloads and their offices continue to be understaffed, often to the detriment of students.”

A new Inceptia research brief, Financial Aid Management Practices: The Benefits of Outsourcing Verification,” examines the sources of pain in the industry and discusses a plan of action.

This informative brief by Cindy Kohlman, Inceptia Vice President of Financial Aid Operations, looks at how outsourcing can help schools provide more personalized service to students and their families while reducing the need for time-intensive technical support and regulatory compliance updates. It also introduces readers to Verification Gateway, Inceptia’s innovative full-service solution for managing verification.

This brief is a useful resource to assist those evaluating their verification strategy and provide guidance and support for schools considering a third-party servicer.

For more information about Inceptia’s verification solution, contact Nick Martinez,, or visit

Brought to you by:
Nick Martinez
Strategic Business Director


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