Our Outstanding Committees-Association Governance

Introducing the ‘Our Outstanding Committees’ series. Throughout the next several weeks leading up to the annual conference you will be introduced to each of RMASFAA’s 12 committees, the committee members and find out all that they accomplished this year. 

According to RMASFAA’s Policies and Procedures Manual, “the purpose of the Association Governance Committee is to annually review and recommend to the Board of Directors changes to the Association Bylaws, Strategic Long-Range Plan and Policies and Procedures Manual to ensure that the Association’s written statements are consistent with the manner in which it conducts business. This committee also serves the Board regarding the Association’s long-range plans, operation, structure and service to members.”

The outgoing Association Governance Committee is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Joe Donlay (Current President)
  • Vicki Kucera (President-Elect)
  • Jenny Leigh Adler (Vice President)
  • Jeff Jacobs (Past President)
  • Brenda Hicks (Past President)
  • Janet Riis (Past President)
  • Sharon Kienow (Past President)


During 2015-16, the AGC worked on the following items:


  • Updating the Policies & Procedures Manual to reflect current operating practices in several areas, including meal reimbursements, the Association’s listserv, evaluation of dues and fees, and corporate support policies.


  • Evaluating our current membership dues structure and proposing a new, tiered approach. The committee learned from other regions and spent considerable time evaluating RMASFAA’s sources of revenue and expenses. We brainstormed and created forecasts based on trends and current membership data. As a result, the committee presented a proposal to the Board of Directors at the March board meeting. With the approval of the board, we notified the membership of the proposed changes and sought their feedback in May. In late June, the board voted unanimously to adopt the new structure beginning in 2017.


  • Reviewing elected positions and the responsibilities of each position in order to better leverage resources and maximize effectiveness of the Board (as directed by the 2015-18 Strategic Long-Range Plan). As part of this process, we identified challenges, weighed options, and researched best practices. The resulting proposals included changes to RMASFAA’s Bylaws that would impact both the Treasurer and Vice President roles, as well as creating the positions of Treasurer-Elect and Vice President-Elect. In order to share burden and risk, and to create greater continuity, these positions are designed to be elected annually. This allows for one year of training and mentoring by the sitting Treasurer and Vice President before the newly-elected officers assume their places as voting members on the board. The amendments regarding the Treasurer and Treasurer-Elect were approved by the membership in April, and we will vote on the proposed changes to the Vice President position at our business meeting in Rapid City next month.


It has been my pleasure and privilege to serve as the Chair of the Association Governance Committee during the past year. Our committee members are engaged, committed, and passionate about the work of RMASFAA. We are excited about the future and look forward to seeing the Association continue to grow and flourish, strengthening our members and ultimately benefiting the students we endeavor to serve. We welcome your feedback and express sincere appreciation to each RMASFAA member for your contributions to our Association and our profession.


Art Young

2015-16 RMASFAA Immediate Past President


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