Spotlight on New Members!

Spotlight on new members

Please welcome Attain, LLC, a management, technology, and strategy consulting firm for higher education and other non-profit sectors, as a new associate member to RMASFAA! Laurie Buck is the Practice Lead/Manager serving our region.

laurie-buckQ: Tell RMASFAA a bit about Attain, LLC and what your company has to offer schools and their students. What is your role in the company?

A: Attain was founded in 2009 by business partners who have been serving the higher education community and other industries for over 30 years. Until recently, our higher education services have been focused primarily on large research institutions in the areas of grants management (pre- and post-award), facilities and administration (F&A) proposal development and rate negotiation, financial management, human resources/payroll services, facilities management and technology with expertise with all major student information systems.

In 2014, recognizing a need among a broader group of colleges and universities for consulting expertise related to federal student aid requirements, we expanded our services by launching our Financial Aid Management and Student Services (FAMSS) practice. The FAMSS consultants are former higher education administrators, typically at the director or associate director level. Our team members average more than 20 years of experience in higher education administration, and proficiency with all the major student information systems. We offer operational reviews, interim management or staffing, and technical or general consulting. We can jump right in if someone goes out on medical leave and keep things running until they return without skipping a beat.

I am the Practice Lead for the FAMSS division.

Q:What is your professional and/or educational background and how long have you been with Attain?

A: I have been in the Educational industry for 27 plus years, starting as a work-study student in the financial aid department in college. I have been with Attain for two and a half years.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your work?

A: I love making a difference with the schools and the students.

Q: What do you do for fun/hobbies/favorites?

A: I crochet, sew, read and just started geocaching.

Laurie is pictured here with another of her favorites, her grandson Hunter.

Q: If you could choose an imaginary friend, who would you choose and why?

A: I would choose Sam Elliott because just listening to his calming voice makes me feel like things are right in the world!

Q: If you were sent to live on a space station for three months and had all your necessities provided for you, what three personal items would you bring with you and why?


  • My cell phone to keep up with my family and friends.
  • My husband’s T-shirt to remind me of him.
  • My IPAD because it has my favorite games.

Be sure to say hi to Laurie and Rhonda Pickerel, one of Laurie’s managers, at the annual conference in Rapid City October 23-26 and welcome them and Attain to RMASFAA!




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