Gainful Employment: What it Means for Your College

This year the Training Committee is offering something a little different. We have created a one hour training webinar called Gainful Employment: What It Means for Your College.   We, meaning Janet Dodson and Linda Butcher, created a podcast.  The goal was to have the presentation available by early June. This way campuses can share Gainful Employment information with their staff and so that the Summer Institute instructors and students have access to the presentation to share and discuss. The podcast is open to all RMASFAA members and can be accessed at the link below.  Members can access  the podcast, the PowerPoint slides, and a Gainful Employment Tool Kit.  Participants have an opportunity to submit questions, which will be reviewed and answers provide via an FAQ at a later date.

Gainful Employment:What It Means for Your College

GE Roadsign

The  presentation is available at no charge at:

What: RMASFAA Training Committee podcast

Who:  This session is intended for school personnel that need to understand how to effectively manage Gainful Employment data and how the data effects the institution.  This could include the Gainful Employment committee members on your campus, Institutional Research, Career Services, Department Head, Student Service personal, etc.

When: You get to choose when you view the webinar!

Where:  From the comfort of your desk

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