Why Not?

Hello friends!

I’d like to chat with you about RMASFAA Committees. Actually, about the RMASFAA Association News Committee.  We’re the people who write the blogs. (almost sounds like a song title, doesn’t it?)  You see them a few times a week through your news feed and on Facebook if you follow RMASFAA there. But who are we and, more importantly, why should you not volunteer for this committee?

This committee consists of one person from each of the RMASFAA States.  So if you live/work outside of the eight states, do not join this committee. (although I’m sure we’d be glad to accept random contributions)

At the beginning of the year, we meet via phone conference and then by email after that. So if you insist on traveling for a committee, this one isn’t for you.

Blogging is easy. It’s just talking. On paper. Something that’s no longer than a People magazine article. Grammar doesn’t count. Interesting subjects do. So if you feel the urge to write only dry position papers and have them checked for grammatical errors by an English professor, do not join this committee.

Each member contributes 3-4 blogs per year.  They are not edited by the committee chair. As a contributor, you own it. And creativity is the rule of the day.  This is fun stuff. So if you’re looking for boring, do not even think about joining this committee.

So next Fall, when the new committee chairs are announced, and you realize that you’re not boring, stuffy, or living in a bubble in Bermuda, seriously think about joining us! The RMASFAA Association News Committee.

Submitted by:
Michelle Massey
Financial Aid Technician
Laramie County Community College
Cheyenne, WY

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