Dear Diary – May 2016

In this series you get the chance to follow a first time Summer Institute (SI) Instructor month by month, from deciding to teach all the way through SI. Check back each month for a Dear Diary update.


Dear Diary,

One month to go until Summer Institute. RED ALERT!!!!

I have all the materials and am busy making notes. I have no idea how we’re going to cover that much material in one week without someone’s brain exploding. Including mine. OMG. It’ll look just like a commercial! Of course the important thing is not to know all the answers, but know where to find them.

But I am so anxious to find out who my “students” are. My group will have about a year’s experience in financial aid. Just enough time to realize how complex it is. We should be getting their information soon and I can email them. I hope they’re prepared to spend as much time having fun as they are learning.

Ok, Diary, gotta run.

Verification Vera


Quiz #1. This cat…

  1. Has no idea what’s going on
  2. Has had too much nip

Can’t wait for Summer Institute to start

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