NASFAA Update from RMASFAA Past President

The NASFAA Board of Directors met February 24-25 in Arlington, Virginia. The agenda included the following:

  • Demonstration of NASFAA’s new Compliance Engine tool, which will be available this summer (with the P&P Builder to roll out an estimated 6 months later)
  • Update on the upcoming NASFAA Conference, which will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the association (believe me, it’s a party you won’t want to miss!)
  • Report from the Financial Affairs Committee regarding the recent “due diligence” review of investment advisors
  • Association Governance Committee’s effort to survey college presidents on how they perceive financial aid administrators and the FA office on their campus
  • Approval and acceptance of the final report from the recent task force on Consumer Information and Law Student Indebtedness
  • Review and discussion of the recommendations from the Dynamic Loan Limits working group
  • Federal update from Terry Hartle, Senior VP, American Council on Education
  • Reauthorization discussions with both Republican and Democratic Congressional Staff
  • Update from Ted Mitchell, U.S. Under Secretary of Education, and Jeff Appel, Deputy Under Secretary

It’s an exciting, eventful time to work in financial aid! It has been my privilege to serve on the board this year. The NASFAA Board, leadership, and staff are absolutely committed to representing the best interests of our members and the students you serve, and I have thoroughly enjoyed associating with and learning from such passionate and dedicated professionals. If you are a NASFAA member, you can access the full minutes from the meeting here (you will need to log in with your NASFAA username and password).

As part of my NASFAA responsibilities, I am currently serving as a member of the focus group examining NASFAA webinars. This group has been tasked with evaluating the quality of webinars provided to the membership and providing recommendations and considerations to the board. I am also part of a “thought force” that has been convened to focus on aligning state, regional and national efforts. This effort includes highlighting strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities of our current national-regional-state association structure. We will also identify next steps for exploration, as well as potential models that might reduce duplication of effort, with the goal of increasing efficiency and value for all.

Please let me know if you have feedback or suggestions regarding the evaluation of NASFAA webinars; the discussion regarding state, regional, and national associations; or any other topic. I am eager to hear your feedback and to carry your ideas forward to the national level. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve RMASFAA and NASFAA. I am truly honored and grateful for the experience.

Art Young
2015-16 RMASFAA Past President

A. Young

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