7 Ideas to Boost Your SAP Communication Strategy



Want to beef up your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) communication strategy for students?  Consider one or more of these tips for students on Financial Aid Warning or Financial Aid Probation:

  1. Send notification via more than one method (i.e., email, snail mail, and notifications in your student information system) to notify students on Financial Aid Warning or who are disqualified for financial aid because they failed to meet SAP. This emphasizes that the school wants the student to understand this important information.
  2. During the first 2 weeks of the enrollment period, remind them of the student success services on campus. Highlight tutoring, learning communities, disability resources, library hours, and more.
  3. Monitor if these students drop classes and re-direct them to academic counseling. Intervention is key.  You want to ensure that they don’t falter again, so point them in the direction of someone who may be able to help them keep the course load they need to maintain SAP.
  4. Consider adding a Financial Literacy Component to a SAP Academic Plan. You have an excellent opportunity to provide students with a series of recommendations and pertinent information by personalizing academic plans for students on Financial Aid Probation.  Suggest completion of the Department of Education’s Financial Awareness Counseling Tool on studentloans.gov, an online financial literacy workshop, or completing a GPA or budget calculator.
  5. Prior to midterms, cheer them on. Congratulate them on their success thus far.  Summarize student success services that can help them prepare for mid-terms and gently remind them of the consequences of failure. This is also a great opportunity to remind students to make an appointment with your office if they have any questions or concerns regarding their current progress towards reestablishing SAP standards.
  6. Remind them they are on home stretch prior to finals. Inspire them to maintain their academic progress.  Consider an inspirational message from your institution’s President, a Dean, or the Director of Financial Aid.  It’s also another great opportunity to recap the student success services.
  7. Congratulate those who make it. When you run SAP again, make certain that you “high five” those students who succeeded.  Let them know that the financial aid team supports their educational goals

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Brought to you by:

Dianne Fulmer
Director, School Partnerships
Financial Aid TV (FATV)


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