RMASFAA Website – Listserv

Greetings RMASFAA friends and neighbors!

Today, I would like to discuss the RMASFAA Listserv. For those of you who are unfamiliar with, or have never used, the listserv there are several tidbits of basic information that can be gleaned from the snip of the top of the webpage. First, there is a simple link on the left side of the page to take you to the Listserv page. Once having reached the Listserv page, you will see the link to post a message. (Highlighting is mine, but it is still conspicuous.) You will need your Username and Password. If you are on Santa’s naughty list, and have not renewed your institutional membership, you will not be able to post messages to the listserv. Other than that it is really simple. There are, basically, three easy steps to posting a message and one of them is optional.


There are security features in place behind the scenes to prevent the spread of viruses and spam, so you need not fear becoming the bane of our colleagues if, by chance, you had a pesky virus that you did not know was on your computer. For the same reason you need not fear opening a message sent by one of our peers. Messages are sent containing text only, but you may add attachments. The attachments will show up as a link in the message. Readers of the message will need to save the attachment to their computer if they want to keep them, because they will disappear after 45 days.

The listserv was established as a communication tool for exchange of information among our members. Do you want to know how other financial aid offices have implemented some of the ever changing Federal regulations that are sprung on us with sometimes short notice? (Perish the thought that anyone among us would procrastinate and wait until the last minute.) You could also discuss policies and procedures or post job vacancies in your office or any other financial aid related topics.

There are some things that should not be posted to the listserv and are better kept for private emails among closer friends or colleagues compatible with our own twisted sense of humor. Inappropriate private or personal messages could get you in trouble with the gods of the listserv and there could be dire punishment. Violators could be thrown off the head of George Washington at the upcoming conference or we could brand them on the forehead with an “L” for Listserve. But I know it will surely never come to that. If we weren’t all rule followers, we would have bounced out of financial aid long ago.

Just because you have never used the listserv, don’t be afraid to try. It can be a very useful tool and just because I have never sent a listserv message doesn’t mean that it is hard to do. It just means that I am shy and introverted.

See you in October,

Russ McBee – EIC Chair

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