Dear Diary – March 2016

Introducing a new blog series Dear Diary! In this series you get the chance to follow a first time Summer Institute (SI) Instructor month by month, from deciding to teach all the way through SI. Check back each month for a Dear Diary update.


Dear Diary,

Only 3 months until Summer Institute. The time is going so fast. Lots to prepare! Am so glad that classrooms have 2 instructors. One person could never do this much alone. But also having fun starting to gather some fun ways to learn for the classroom. Ours will be anything but dull.

Alphabet soup. Check

Favorite phrases we’ve heard from students. Check (my all-time favorite is “is the student loan a loan?”)

Ice-breaker. Check

Shopping for prizes. Ongoing

Dividing up the subject modules. Tentative

Energy supply. Check

OK, so I guess we’re off to a good start. Can’t wait to attack the teaching materials.

I hope lots of RMASFAA members attend!

More next month,

Verification Vera


One thought on “Dear Diary – March 2016

  1. Traci Boeve

    These blogs will be nice and I’m just double checking, registration is not available yet, correct? I’ve been told this will fill up and I don’t want to miss this great opportunity.

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