Dear Diary – February 2016

Introducing a new blog series Dear Diary! In this series you get the chance to follow a first time Summer Institute (SI) Instructor month by month, from deciding to teach all the way through SI. Check back each month for a Dear Diary update.


Dear Diary,

What a weekend! I’m sure my brain will probably explode at some point.

The instructors and committee members met in Denver for the Summer Institute planning meeting. Tons and tons of information covered, decisions made and future things to work on. The teaching materials are changing this year from the RMASFAA Core material to the NASFAA University model which seems to cover even more topics. But classes should be small – about 20 max. So this should make for a very interactive week with the students. Also, lots of fun activities planned both in and out of the classroom. Almost makes me wish I was the student.

I also saw some old friends, made some new friends and was able to connect with people I’ve only known through email. And, most importantly, I think my co-instructor and I will make a great team.

SI is only 4 months away! Can’t wait!!!!

-Verification Vera

P.S. On the drive home, 2 bald eagles flew over the car. I’ll take that as a good omen!!!


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