Keep Calm & Renew Today

A recently witnessed conversation:

RMASFAA President Joe Donlay: [approaches Verification Vera] Hey Vera! I have a question that’s been bothering me and you’re involved in RMASFAA so I thought you could answer it for me. Why should my school renew our RMASFAA membership?

Verification Vera: Because RMASFAA offers so many wonderful benefits to its members, like Summer Institute training, networking and volunteer opportunities, free webinars and the annual conference! [whispers an aside] Plus, you have to be a member to serve on the Board and you’re our President, so you probably SHOULD renew…

Pres Joe: [Nodding] Yeah, ok, but institutional budgets are tight. Can’t I just go to Summer Institute as a non-member?

VV: [Slowly] Yeeessssss, but membership dues are only $100 and members actually save $115 over non-members for SI registration! Plus, your membership is institutional, so ALL your school’s financial aid office staff can attend at the member rate!

Joe TiltPres Joe: [Head tilted, hand to head, thinking] So, I save more by becoming a member and attending SI than attending SI as a non-member? Plus, if I renew my RMASFAA membership and five of my staff attend SI, we’ll save $575 over the non-member registration rate, but I only pay $100 for my whole institution to be a member of RMASFAA?!? [Excitedly] That’s a bargain!!

VV: By Joe, I think you’ve got it! [Nudges Joe playfully] With those math skills, maybe next year we can have you teach hand calcs at SI! [grins]

Pres Joe: Thanks Vera! I’m going to renew my RMASFAA membership right now! [accesses RMASFAA Membership link on cell phone…]

Keep Calm.jpg

Keep up with Verification Vera’s Dear Diary entries on RMASFAA’s Exchange Blog and watch for Summer Institute updates and registration information! Questions about renewing? Contact RMASFAA’s Membership Chair, Susan Stephenson, at

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