RMASFAA Website – Member Services

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to renew your institution’s RMASFAA membership. But while you’re at it, this would be a good time to do a little housekeeping, too. I know, I know… your husband does all the laundry and dirty dishes, but this is easier and less time consuming. While you’re on the ‘Member Services’ page of the website look at all the options there in front of you.

Web 1


Since you are renewing your institution’s membership, take the time to Update Institution/Agency Information and make any corrections that you may find, such as COA items or a change in Professional Software. Maybe you offer online coursework, but have not updated that on your profile.

Another task that needs done is Add or Delete Members. I know none of us have any staff turnover, but what about the financial aid advisor that won the lottery and never came back to work? Or the Administrative assistant that was promoted to President? You should remove these dear friends and add the new people in your office so that they may take advantage of the benefits of being a RMASFAA member, such as… accessing the Volunteer Form so they can enjoy the rewards of sacrificing their time to be on a committee that makes things happen and all of the camaraderie that goes along with that. Or they might wish to search the membership directory for long lost friends or search for a mentor to help them achieve the pinnacle of RMASFAA service. There are just some many things that you can do on the RMASFAA website. The possibilities are endless.


Happy Trails! – Russ McBee, Chair, Electronic Initiatives.

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