Training Tip of the Month – January

Did you Know

Do people listen to you?

“I’m sorry! Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?” I don’t who to give credit for this sentence but it seems appropriate, in a rude way, for many situations. Does this ever happen to you? You are speaking to a group of people in a meeting or party. Someone starts to talk over you like you are invisible or not important. How disrespectful can people be? You quit talking and they don’t even know they were rude.. Does this happen all the time? Erika Andersen, Forbes contributor, offers 3 Simple Ways to Get People to Listen You.


  1. Listen – When you truly listen to someone, give them your undivided attention, it will make people want to hear what you have to say when it’s your turn to speak. Practice your listening skill by appreciating the person speaking as you listen to what they are saying. Make sure they feel heard by leaning in, having eye contact and showing respect. Don’t interrupt the person who is speaking. Verify your understanding of what they said by restating what you heard or making appropriate comments about the story or report.
  2. Cut to the chase – Do you find people trying to help you by interrupting or summarizing what you said before you are done? Before starting to talk, take a minute to think about how to communicate the message in a simple way. Students and parents often glaze over as we talk about federal financial aid. Practice what you are going to say so you have the message ready.
  3. Read the room – if you are talking to a group and they are not paying attention. They are doodling, whispering, reading and responding to email. Stop talking. Ask questions and find out what they are interested in hearing.

To summarize: if you want people to listen to you: listen to them, focus on what they are interested by painting vivid pictures and keep your story clear and simple. Listening is a core management skill used daily by leaders.

This Tip of the Month was provided by your RMASFAA Training Committee

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