Why renew your RMASFAA membership?

Where else can you…

see important people (even presidents!),

President pic
RMASFAA 2015 Annual Conference; four presidents promote the 2016 Your Rock! conference in Rapid City


dress up,

Si pic
2015 Summer Institute


network with friends,

2014 Summer Institute


play silly games,

Minute to Win It at Summer Institute 2014


find a mentor,

Cristi Millard, Shauna Savage, Ricki Jones, Julie Watson, and Monica Kopcow, 2015 Annual Conference


witness a wedding,

2015 Annual Conference, RMASFAA-ly Ever After


jam a little,

Classes competed for top lip syncing band at Summer Institute 2015



President-elect Vicki Kucera, President Joe Donlay, and Past President Art Young have all given countless hours to RMASFAA!


get good info (and some fun things to take back to the office),

Exploring the vendor area, 2015 Annual Conference


AND learn a lot about financial aid in the process?!?



All for only $100!

Renew today at: http://rmasfaa.org/docs/forms/memApp.html

See more photos online at RMASFAA’s Photo Gallery page: http://rmasfaa.org/docs/toc_gallery.html

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