New Year’s Resolution

Dear friends,

Rather than making New Year’s resolutions that I know won’t make it until the end of January, I’ve come up with a short list for the office that probably have a much better chance of success. Thought I’d share with you. Anyone else have additions to share?

New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Take a moment to pause before answering the same question I’ve already answered 20 times today. I need to remember this is the first time that student is asking it.
  2. Not to roll my eyes when the Department of Education releases “mid-year verification changes”. Ok, maybe just a little.
  3. Promote the IRS DRT more vigorously at the high school level, keeping in mind that an investment of 5 minutes now can save me 20 minutes later.
  4. Ask colleagues for help before I pull my hair out researching a reg.
  5. Become more connected with RMASFAA.
  6. Be brave. Try something new. Remembering that FAIL actually stands for First Attempt In Learning.
  7. Clean my desk. (ROFL)
  8. Remember to say “thank you” more.
  9. Do one good deed each day.
  10. Never lose my happy place.

M. Massey

Michelle Massey
Financial Aid Technician
Laramie County Community College
Cheyenne, WY

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