I love fall. There are so many things about this season that makes it the perfect time of year. Yes, I said it. I have dubbed it the perfect time of year. I have a friend and neighbor who will not allow me to use the word ‘perfect’ around him. He’s a handy man who freely tells all of his customers that if they use the word perfect, he’s going to charge them an extra $75. Well send me the bill buddy, cuz fall is perfect!

Why? Because it combines an enormous amount of anticipation into a few short months, and anticipation of good things is what makes our world go around. We see the children pick their Halloween costumes and lick their chops waiting for the big candy haul and sugar highs. Then we start thinking about Thanksgiving and the turkey and the stuffing. And of course by then we are decorating for Christmas and buying/wrapping presents…and eagerly awaiting that coveted Christmas break. Just thinking about it makes me want to break into a Carly Simon song!

How does that relate to financial aid? Well let me illuminate…

  • For most of us this is the first term of a new academic year. It’s like spring for farmers – watching the new crop grow. We helped plant the seed financially so that education could be possible for our students, and then we watch them grow. Sure we get some fallout, but for the most part, we see them take root and flourish.
  • We use the fall “down time” to work on and close out projects – P & P, NASFAA credentialing, Gainful Employment clean up (I had to throw that in). Putting the last signature on a major project is cathartic. Liberating.
  • We are making plans to serve in our state, regional, and perhaps national associations. By now we’ve either volunteered or are thinking about volunteering, and it’s exciting. Or at least it should be. Nothing in our world pushes and pulls us professionally more than involvement in our associations. It’s where we learn, network, teach, build friendships, drink. (I just threw that last one in to see if you were paying attention.)

In short, fall is our period of renewal. We reinvent and reinvigorate. Oh sure, our jobs involve doing that all year around, but never as beautifully as it’s done this time of year.

So enjoy it while it lasts my friends. The winter’s cold and the 16-17 ISIR’s will be coming soon enough. Wishing you all the best fall ever!!

Vicki Kucera

RMASFAA President-Elect

V. Kucera

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