President’s Report and Farewell

Happy October, RMASFAA!

While trying my best to not get overly nostalgic and sentimental, I am pleased to present my final blog post as RMASFAA President. Your 2014-15 Board of Directors and committee members have been sprinting to the finish line as we prepare to hand over the reins to Joe Donlay and company next week. Below are a few highlights from the past two months.

Vice President Tony Lubbers has been hard at work scanning historical RMASFAA documents and updating the ‘Archives’ section of For a fun walk down memory lane, take a few minutes and click through some old newsletters, conference programs, or priceless photos. By the way, does anyone recognize these foxy ladies? I think the one on the left might be Farrah Fawcett, but I can’t be 100% sure.

RMASFAA’s Angels, ca. 1989
RMASFAA’s Angels, ca. 1989

Last month, incoming Treasurer Donna Carter met with David Martin (outgoing Treasurer) for training on RMASFAA’s financial policies and practices in order to make next week’s board transition as smooth as possible. While we appreciate all RMASFAA volunteers, the Treasurer position is particularly critical and also very time consuming. I am personally very grateful to both of these capable and dedicated colleagues! David is completing four years of exceptional service in this taxing role (no pun intended) and Donna is starting her term of two years (at least!). On behalf of all of us who benefit, I thank you most sincerely for keeping the Association balanced, in the black, and out of prison.

As you may already know, RMASFAA hosted our first-ever webinar just yesterday. Jeremy Early and Karen Henriquez (both from the University of Utah) gave a very timely presentation about consumer information requirements and offered many valuable tips to help make your next audit a little smoother. (If you missed it, the recording and handouts should be available soon on!) I want to publicly thank Karen and Jeremy, as well as Susan Stephenson (Training Committee Chair) and Robb Cummings (Electronic Initiatives Chair) for all of their hard work. Their contributions have laid a strong foundation for future virtual training opportunities within RMASFAA and I’m excited to see where it leads us! Thanks also to each of you who participated. We greatly appreciate your attendance and also the excellent feedback and suggestions that you provided through the survey.

Speaking of surveys, and in the spirit of the big event next week, I thought I’d share perhaps the most creative RSVP request I’ve ever seen. Believe me, the Kerrs and Sabinos (whoever they are) have nothing on RMASFAA when it comes to fun, drama, and ridiculous dancing:


Well, I’m off to pack my suitcases for a week filled with board meetings, conference sessions and activities to remember…all with some of my favorite people on the planet! Thanks for a great year, RMASFAA.

–Art Young

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