Our Outstanding Committees – Association News

Introducing the Our Outstanding Committees series. Throughout the next 12 weeks you will be introduced to each of RMASFAA’s 12 committees, the committee members and find out all that they accomplished this year. This is week 9 of the series.

The Association News Committee has been hard at work this year bringing you engaging and informative content through the RMASFAA Exchange, our online blog hosted through WordPress.

We have one committee member from each state. Each contributes several articles throughout the year from state updates to profiles of RMASFAA members to articles on topics of their choice.   Our fabulous committee members are:

  • Sara Vancil, Chair, University of Kansas
  • Becca Dobry, Co-Chair, University of Nebraska – Kearney
  • Jim Harris, Colorado State University
  • Eleanor Roberts, Brigham Young University (UT)
  • Brenda Murtha, Augustana College (SD)
  • Andrew Bernston, North Dakota State University
  • Roger Matthew, Montana State University – Bozeman
  • Michelle Massey, Laramie County Community College (WY)

The Association News Committee was tasked with a few important goals during this year.

First, as part of RMASFAA’s Strategic Directions plan, we were asked to continue to increase subscribers to the blog, the RMASFAA Exchange. In December 2014, each member of the committee personally emailed members from their states who were not already subscribed to the blog. This definitely had an impact. As of the February 2014 board meeting, the blog had 242 subscribers. As of August 2015, the blog has 500 subscribers. RMASFAA currently has about 1400 individual members so it’s wonderful that over a third of our members want to stay tuned in to original content coming from RMASFAA members!

Second, the committee was tasked with putting into place a structured timeline for when content will be posted to the blog. At the February 2014 board meeting, Deb Byers proposed and the board approved an outline of what will be posted and when. For example, the RMASFAA President is asked to post an update every two months.

The Association News committee was also encouraged to include in this timeline ways that other committees could be regularly featured on the blog. If you’ve noticed, the Training committee has been posting a monthly training tip. And we’ve had regular updates from Electronic Initiatives, Leadership Pipeline, Summer Institute and Conference Planning.

This structured timeline has allowed the committee to increase the number of blog posts but it has also allowed RMASFAA members the opportunity to stay more up to date with what our elected leaders and committees are doing!

We are on track to post between 80 and 100 articles to the RMASFAA Exchange during the October 2014 to October 2015 year. We hope that you have enjoyed all of the content we’ve been able to put together for you!


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