Leadership Pipeline Spotlight

This month’s spotlight features Angela Osborn (mentee) and Deana Unger (mentor). Angela and Deana participated in the pipeline during 2012-2013.  Angela currently works at the University of North Dakota and has been in the financial aid field for 10 years.  Angela began her career in financial aid as a student worker.  Deana currently works for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has been in the financial aid field for 24 years!

What would you consider the most valuable take-away from this program?

Angela – The pipeline is totally worth the time and effort. You have the opportunity to learn and work with the best in our profession. It is amazing.

Deana – I really enjoyed getting to know Angela, and our one-on-one monthly preparation for the large group discussion allowed us to share personal perspectives and experiences that were enlightening.

What advice would you give a colleague who is considering being a mentor or mentee in the Leadership Pipeline program?

Angela – I would highly recommend doing it. It is an extremely rewarding experience.

Deana – Go for it!!  Regardless of whether you’re a mentor or mentee, it’s a great opportunity to learn from and share thoughts with a great group of colleagues!

What made you choose to participate as a mentee/mentor in Leadership Pipeline?

Angela – I wanted to push myself to be a better leader. My office was going through significant changes and I wanted to be a positive influence to help our staff feel comfortable with those changes.

Deana – I’ve always enjoyed being involved in RMASFAA and Leadership Pipeline presented an option to be involved in a very different way.

How did participating in the pipeline affect or direct your professional development?

Angela – The pipeline helped me get to know and develop relationships, friendships really, with other professionals in the region.

Deana – With our hectic daily schedules, I think it’s sometimes easy to let professional development slide, so Leadership Pipeline forced me (in a good way!)  to make time to step away from more routine day-to-day activities and place a focus on my personal and professional development.

Do you still keep in touch with your mentor/mentee?

Angela – Yes, I ask Deana for advice all the time.  I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful person and resource willing to help!

Deana – We do still keep in touch!  With busy offices and schedules, maybe not as much as we’d like, but we do reach out to each other for feedback regarding office processes and unusual financial aid situations when the need arises.  And it’s always fun to catch up on a personal level, too.
Andrew Berntson
Association News Committee Member, North Dakota

Andy Berntson

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