Our Outstanding Committees – Training

Introducing the Our Outstanding Committees series. Throughout the next 12 weeks you will be introduced to each of RMASFAA’s 12 committees, the committee members and find out all that they accomplished this year. This is week 3 of the series.

RMASFAA’s Training Committee is tasked with planning and arranging for all regional training activities except the annual conference and Summer Institute. In recent years, this has meant that the Training Committee was responsible for determining a topic and creating a presentation to deliver at each state conference. After much discussion, this year the Committee decided to focus on offering strategies for how to use technological tools to communicate with students and to provide an opportunity to hear social media “best practices” from colleagues. The presentation, titled Communicating with 21st-Century Students:#Say What?, covered social media, generational issues, collaborating with other campus offices, FERPA implications and other areas relating to reaching Millennial and iGen students via multiple social media platforms. If you weren’t able to attend your state conference or missed this session, you’re in luck! It will be presented again at RMASFAA’s annual conference October 11-14 in Westminster, CO.


Training Presentation in Nebraska

In addition, this year the Committee worked closely with Association News to provide Tip of the Month blogs on different topics with active links to a myriad of resources on each subject. Tips to date include:

  • December: Consumer Information
  • January: Financial Aid Toolkit
  • February: R2T4
  • March: Financial aid terminology
  • April: Creating an office Facebook page
  • May: Dealing with presentation anxiety
  • June: Time management
  • July: Reviewing ISIR transactions
  • August: Enrollment issues

Watch for two more great tips in September and October! Access archived tips on the RMASFAA blog https://rmasfaa.wordpress.com/ by selecting a month from the Archives section on the right-hand side of the page.

Mark Tuesday, October 6, 2015 on your calendars to participate in RMASFAA’s first webinar! We are delighted to announce this date and the webinar topic, which will focus on consumer information compliance issues including Gainful Employment! Stay tuned for presentation details and how to register (free with RMASFAA membership!) for this exciting new training.

The Training Committee members who have worked diligently to provide you such a variety of information this year are:

Susan Stephenson, Chair – Eastern Wyoming College (WY)
Katie Nettell, Vice-Chair – Lake Region State College (ND)
Kristen Gast – Sheridan College (WY)
Sheila Johns – Western Nebraska Community College (NE)
Mike Mutziger – Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc. (SD)
Leslie Olsen – Carroll College (MT)
Jana Parks – Baker University (KS)
Jill Robinson – Brigham Young University (UT)
Steve Woodburn – Colorado Christian University (CO)

The Training Committee requires dedication and participation from its members for the whole RMASFAA year, from after the annual conference in October when the committee is established through the conference the following year, but it is a fun and rewarding committee on which to serve. Members not only get great satisfaction from sharing knowledge and providing worthwhile information to RMASFAA members and colleagues, but end up personally learning a significant amount because of the research involved in creating tips and presentations. I highly recommend every RMASFAA member volunteer for a committee; those who enjoy research and teaching should consider trying the Training Committee! Volunteer forms are available at http://rmasfaa.org/docs/forms/memVolunteer.html

Susan Stephenson
RMASFAA Training Committee Chair

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