Our Outstanding Committees – Electronic Initiatives

Introducing the Our Outstanding Committees series. Throughout the next 12 weeks you will be introduced to each of RMASFAA’s 12 committees, the committee members and find out all that they accomplished this year. This is week 2 of the series.

The Electronic Initiatives Committee is responsible for managing electronic communications among Association members and for making recommendations to the Board and membership regarding enhanced electronic services. The committee will also make recommendations to the Board regarding the most effective use of electronic communications.

rc close up

Chair:                    Robb Cummings – Sallie Mae
Vice Chair:           Russ McBee – Dodge City Community College

Have you done any of the following in the past year?:

  • Registered for the Rocky Mountain Summer Institute or the RMASFAA Annual Conference?
  • Completed the online Corporate Support Agreement?
  • Paid for a registration and/or sponsorship electronically via PayPal?
  • Viewed photos or presentations from RMASFAA events?
  • Submitted an expense reimbursement form for RMASFAA travel or business?
  • Viewed or submitted a job posting to the RMASFAA Employment Listings page?

If you answered yes to any of these items you have completed an action that was coordinated in some form by the Electronic Initiatives Committee (EIC).

The EIC works very closely with ATAC – our website provider – to update web pages, registration and other online forms, and online processes in general. If it is on the website, EIC is likely involved.

This year we plan to revise the Leadership Pipeline and Volunteer sections of the website. We will be working with the Training Committee to pilot a RMASFAA training webinar via phone/PC as well.

Our goal is to provide RMASFAA members with a clear, easy-to-use website. If you have any suggestions for improving the website, or with any of our electronic processes, please contact Robb Cummings at robb.cummings@salliemae.com.


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