RMASFAA’s Strategic Long Range Plan

The Association Governance Committee continues to work diligently on creating a new three year strategic long range plan (SLRP).  Many of the committee members met while attending the NASFAA conference in New Orleans.


Pictured are Joe Donlay (president elect), Art Young (president), Vicki Kucera (president elect-elect), Sharon Kienow, Janet Riis, Brenda Hicks and Jeff Jacobs (all past presidents).

The SLRP is still in draft form and several committee members are working on finalizing the draft.  The plan is to present the SLRP to the current board of directors during the upcoming board meeting in October.

Additionally, there will be a breakout session offered during the upcoming RMASFAA fall conference for members to review the SLRP and provide input.  Once all of the comments and review process is completed, the 2015-2016 board of directors will vote on the final version of the SLRP.

So stay tuned for additional information related to the Association Governance Committee’s work on the strategic long range plan!

Respectfully Submitted
Jeff Jacobs
RMASFAA Past President

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