President’s Update


Happy Summer, RMASFAA!

Here in Utah, we are experiencing above-average temperatures that should surpass 100 degrees by this weekend. Even though I’m leaving this week to spend four sweltering days with 15 energetic 14-year-olds at scout camp (pray for me), I’m very happy to take a few minutes to give some of the coolest people I know a quick update on RMASFAA’s latest and greatest (from the blissful comfort of my air-conditioned office).

First and foremost, thanks to each of you for your kindness and hospitality during my whirlwind tour of RMASFAA this spring. If I’m counting correctly, I visited seven state conferences in five weeks! I came home absolutely energized and more convinced than ever that RMASFAA has the most committed, close-knit, and capable group of professionals anywhere on the planet. Thanks also for the excellent feedback you provided during the listening sessions. Your responses and ideas will be essential as we work on developing our new three-year strategic long-range plan (led by the inimitable Jeff Jacobs and his awesome Association Governance committee). Feel free to contact Jeff or me with additional ideas, and be sure to watch for the ‘SLRP’ session at our annual conference in October (I think we should order Slurpees for the big rollout, but I’m not sure that’s in the budget).

I’m also very happy to report that Summer Institute was once again a phenomenal (or should I say totally tubular?) success, thanks to our incredible SI committee and faculty. I will admit that, every year as I travel home from Golden, I worry just a little about how on earth we will ever be able to top the experience…but then the next year comes and it just gets better and better! Thank you so much to all of the participants and volunteers who made SI 2015 an experience I will never forget.

Joe Donlay reminds me that there are just a few days left to vote in RMASFAA’s 2015-16 officer elections. Watch for results very soon! And if you or your institution hasn’t yet voted, please log in to and make your voice count today! This year’s slate of candidates represents RMASFAA’s absolute best and I’m looking forward to great contributions from each of them in the future.

Finally, I wanted to let you know that, just last week, your Board of Directors voted and approved the Hyatt Regency Wichita as the site of the 2017 RMASFAA annual conference, which will take place October 15-18, 2017. On behalf of the entire Association, I express thanks to Tony Lubbers and Myra Pfannenstiel (2017 conference co-chairs) for their tireless work, as well as to Carolyn Halgerson and Laura Schultz, who are making great things happen in preparation for the 2016 conference in Rapid City, SD! And last but certainly not least, a great big shout-out goes to Erin Brogan and Natalie High and their committee, who are heading up the 2015 conference in Westminster, CO. Registration for this year’s conference will go live soon and I’m looking forward to seeing each of you there. I know it’s been a long engagement, but it’s sure to be the wedding of the century!

All my best to you and yours for a relaxing, rejuvenating summer filled with all of your favorite things! Save some sunscreen for me.


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