Leadership Pipeline Spotlight

Leadership Pipeline Spotlight — Michelle Massey and Elaine Henrie

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Elaine Henrie is the Director of Financial, Scholarships and Veterans Services and Registrar at Emporia State (Go Hornets!)  Michelle Massey is a Financial Aid Technician at Laramie County Community College (Go Eagles!)  Elaine and Michelle are participating in the current class of Leadership Pipeline.

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Have you ever been involved with Leadership Pipeline before?

Elaine: This is my first experience with the Leadership Pipeline.  I have mentored for many years, but more informally.

Michelle: No, since this is a relatively new program. But I’m happy to be involved with it now.

What drew you to the program?

Elaine: I was asked and I think assisting new members or members who are ready for a change in how they serve their institution or RMASFAA is not only important by necessary.  Our profession performs a valuable service to students and families, but often we do not think of the importance of serving one another through things like mentoring.

Michelle: Easy question! The phrase: you don’t have to be a director to be a leader. I’m learning that Leadership Pipeline can benefit anyone and everyone in the profession.

What has surprised you about the program?

Elaine: Good question.  I think I am surprised by very little, so I would use the word impressed.  I am impressed by the work being done by the mentees.  They are full of great ideas and insight.  I believe the future of RMASFAA is in good hands.

Michelle: I was very surprised that more people did not apply to the program. No matter what your level of expertise or experience, Leadership Pipeline will benefit you.

Name something, personal or professional, that has helped you with Leadership Pipeline.

Elaine: I work at an extremely supportive institution.  I am blessed to have always had support from the President, my boss and the folks in my office who work so well together.  I use the analogy that we are Hornets and the people I work with swarm to make things happen.  Without that support I recognize that I might not have the opportunity to participate in a program like Leadership Pipeline.

Michelle: I think coming into LP with an open mind has been the biggest help.  Simply believing that the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. Which is probably applies to anything we do in life.

One thought on “Leadership Pipeline Spotlight

  1. Well said ladies! The LP team is working hard to make the program about peer support, organizational support, service, and leadership at all levels and positions. Great post!

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