RMASFAA 2015-2016 Officer Elections

Greetings, RMASFAA!

I am pleased to share with you that the 2015-2016 RMASFAA Officer Election is now underway!  Each institutional voting member will soon be receiving an emailed link to review the election ballot and cast their institutional vote.  Since many of us are not voting members within the association, I wanted to share with you the outstanding roster of candidates who have graciously agreed to put their names forward for consideration:


  • James Broscheit, Associate Director of Financial Aid, University of Northern Colorado
  • Vicki Kucera, Area Director of Student Financial Aid Services, Central Community College (NE)


  • Tom Ochsner, Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Starla Russell, Director of Financial Aid, Western Dakota Tech (SD)


  • Denise Grayson, Director of Financial Aid, Dakota State University (SD)
  • Roger Matthew, Financial Aid Specialist, Montana State University – Bozeman

Treasurer (2-Year Term)

  • Donna Carter, Associate Director of Financial Aid, Wichita State University (KS)
  • Louis Melucci, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, University of Colorado – Boulder

Associate Member Delegate

  • Jennifer Almli, Outreach Manager, Student Assistance Foundation
  • Robb Cummings, Director of Business Development, Sallie Mae

If you are the designated voting member at your institution, please take time to read over each candidates credentials contained within the ballot link you received, seek input and feedback from other RMASFAA members in your office, and then cast your vote!  If for any reason you are unable to vote via the electronic ballot, please contact me directly for a hard-copy form at joe.donlay@colostate.edu.  If you are not the designated voting member at your institution, I encourage you to take a moment to share your thoughts with your designated voter – your opinions are important to the election process.  Voting is open for 30 calendar days and the verified results of the election will be announced within a week of ballot closing.

Again – please join me in expressing sincere gratitude to each of the officer candidates for their willingness to volunteer time and considerable talent to RMASFAA service!  I am continually amazed at the incredibly passionate and dedicated group of professionals who ARE our Rocky Mountain region – and the slate of names above guarantee our continued and exceptional delivery of RMASFAA’s mission to its members.

With every good wish,

-Joe Donlay
2014-2015 RMASFAA President-Elect
Chair, Nominations & Elections Committee

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