WYASFAA Conference Was a Success!

There was a snow storm before the meeting, and a snow storm after everyone safely returned home, but in between there was a flurry of activity at the WYASFAA Conference two weeks ago in Riverton, Wyoming!

Presentation topics included: the top 10 audit findings, SULA, communicating with students through social media, office stress relief, and financial literacy.

A common problem seems to be how to get more students to complete the FAFSA. So in addition to high school FAFSA nights, College Goal Sundays, and extended office hours, if anyone has had a successful plan we’d love to hear about it (don’t be shy!).

State officers were also inducted. They are:

  • Past President, Darry Voigt (Casper College)
  • President, Julie Wilson (Laramie County Community College)
  • President-Elect, Kristen Gast (Sheridan College)
  • Secretary, Tash Plumb (Central Wyoming College)
  • Treasurer, DeeAnna Archuleta (Western Wyoming Community College)
  • Affiliate Representative, Ken Wallace (Great Lakes)

As you can tell by the pictures, a good time was had by all!


Oh, and WYASFAA’s new president’s official title for 2015-16 is: President of the United States of American Financial Aid People.

President Julie

–Michelle Massey, Association News Committee Member, Wyoming

Michelle Massey

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