Training Tip of the Month — April

Did you Know

If you’ve been somewhat conservative or cautious about maintaining a Facebook page for your office because of a potential drain on staff resources, here are some quick tips on how to set up and manage this valuable social media tool in only two hours per week!

Don’t interrupt your work to check your Facebook page!

Develop a notification and response procedure instead! Review your page roles (Settings > Page Roles) to be sure appropriate staff members have access to your page and can respond to posts as needed. Staff can then choose to how often get notifications (Settings > Notifications), in what format (via mobile or e-mail), and what to be notified about. To maximize efficiency, have staff members who are responsible for responding to posts turn on the notification(s) of their choice, and have other staff members with admin privileges turn them off. It should only take five to ten minutes a day to manage responses, especially if you have answers to frequently asked questions already formatted and ready to copy and paste.

Automate your content curation

Provide students with reputable online resources to scholarships, personal finance and student loan information. Instead of checking popular websites whenever you have time to search for content, subscribe to each site’s RSS feed using a free service like Feedly to compile news feeds you may want to customize and share. Some good sites to subscribe to are the U.S. Department of Education’s Financial Literacy Blog, U.S. News & World Reports’ The Scholarship Coach, and Two Cents. You can also create custom Google alerts for stories of particular interest to your students, and put the URL for the alert into Feedly. Once you’ve developed a list of website subscriptions, you should be able to quickly scan new content and choose what to post in less than 30 minutes per week.

Create interest lists to find sharable content

Did you know that Facebook allows you to create a custom Newsfeed of posts from pages you’ve added to an interest list? Visit any Facebook page, click the arrow on the “Like” button, and choose “add to interest list.” If you already have a list, you can choose it from the drop down, or create a new list.

To access your lists, check the “Interests” menu on the left side of your Facebook Newsfeed (from a desktop computer, not a mobile device), and click the list you want to view. You’ll see all the recent posts from pages on that list. Create a list that includes other campus offices, and maybe another that includes Federal Student Aid and student loan servicers. Then, once a week, take 15 minutes to peruse the list for other great content to share from your page.

Create and schedule posts in advance!

Get ahead of the game by sg content a week in advance. You can schedule posts from your page by choosing the arrow next to “post” and setting a date/time in the future. When you have scheduled posts, you’ll see a reminder on the top of your page timeline that indicates the next scheduled post and a link to view/edit upcoming posts.

Review your data regularly!

Facebook provides a lot of data about the performance of your posts and the behavior of your fans within their Insights platform. You can access this data from the Insights menu at the top of any page you admin. If you have only 15 minutes a week to spend on this task, use it to view when your fans are online and how different types of posts (status updates, links, videos, images) have performed on your page. These two items especially can help you create and schedule future posts that will give you the most bang for your buck by posting things students like at the times when they are most likely to be online.

Schedule it!

Here’s what a well-planned week of Facebook page management may look like for your office:

Task Time allocated/week
Receive and respond to notifications 30 minutes
Review curated content on Feedly 30 minutes
Review interest lists 15 minutes
Create and schedule next week’s content 30 minutes
Review Insights to assess post performance 15 minutes
Total time: 2 hours

Online Resources

Federal Student Aid Social Media Toolkit:

How to use FSA’s Facebook page:

See FSA’s Facebook page:

Incorporate FSA’s Infographics onto your Facebook page:

Explore Feedly (or similar apps), to compile news feeds to customize and share:

Department of Education Financial Literacy Blog:

Learn more about Facebook page roles:

Create fun memes for your page with sites like Be sure to obey all copyright laws.

Forbes’ Ten steps to Create a Facebook Page that Gets “Likes”:

This Tip of the Month was provided by your RMASFAA Training Committee

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