NASFAA update from RMASFAA Past President

NASFAA’s Board of Directors (BOD) meets face-to-face three times per year – fall, spring and summer.  The BOD met in Portland Oregon on March 23 – 24 2015 to review the business of NASFAA.  The two day meeting consisted of reports from the president, Justin Draeger, providing an overview of thresholds, targets and risks associated with the strategic long range plan.  Additionally, the financial affairs committee provided the BOD with a review of the financial health of the Association and compared current income and expenses to previous years.  Association Governance also provided the BOD with reports from a variety of areas including board tenure, treasurer tenure and the strategic long range plan review process.

The two day meeting also provides an opportunity for the other regional presidents and past presidents to get together and discuss issues and concerns that are coming up in the regions.  Training topics always seem to be on the top of the list for all of the regions.  Some regions are offering training on enrollment management models and verification versus conflicting data.  Many regions offer a summer institute type of training opportunity for their membership and most of the summer institute like trainings are offered in the month of June.

RMASFAA and SWASFAA are the two regions out of the total of six that utilize an institutional membership model.  All other regions offer an individual membership format.  At times it is difficult to compare regions as not all are modeled the same.  As a reminder, all six regional past presidents serve as the voting member to the NASFAA Board of Directors.  All six regional presidents serve as observers to the NASFAA Board of Directors.

Many of the regions are currently working on or revising their strategic long range plans (SLRP).  The SLRP assists the regions in planning and preparing for the future.  NASFAA assists all regions with many functions the more all of us can work together the stronger we all become.

Respectfully Submitted
Jeff Jacobs
RMASFAA Past President

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