Utah State Update

Greetings from beautiful Utah!  We’ve been experiencing an identity crisis this winter, fluctuating between 60 degree days and snow. There’s nothing quite like snowboarding in a tank top in my humble opinion.

Snowboarding anyone?

It’s been rather quiet here since hosting RMASFAA’s Annual Conference in October 2014 at Snowbird Resort. A good time was had by all (maybe too much of a good time?) We hope everyone who was able to attend found it to be a rewarding and worthwhile experience.

UASFAA members at RMASFAA conference

Due to hosting the RMASFAA Conference, UASFAA did not hold a state conference in 2014. That means this year’s UASFAA conference will be twice as good! The conference is being held April 29 – May 1 at Weber State University, Davis Campus.  This year’s theme is “Guardians of the Financial Aid Galaxy.” Fingers crossed for a talking raccoon! Sessions we are looking forward to include ‘SAP Best Practices’, ‘Professional Judgment’, and ‘Customer Service: Disney Style’, among others.  The annual changing of the guard will also take place with John Curl, Director of Financial Aid at the University of Utah, taking over the gavel as President of UASFAA.

In support of RMASFAA’s Leadership Pipeline program, Cristi Millard, Director of Financial Aid at Salt Lake Community College, will be acting as a mentor this round. We hope to encourage the Utah financial aid community to take advantage of the opportunities the Leadership Pipeline provides in both the roles of mentees and mentors.

Beautiful Utah!

As I bring this post to a close I’m looking outside at viciously blowing snow while dreaming of playing hooky and hitting the slopes because guess what, it’ll be 55 degrees tomorrow. But alas, 2015-16 aid year preparations beckon me back to reality. Best wishes RMASFAA friends for a successful rest of the year!

Eleanor Roberts
Association News Committee Member, Utah

Pic of Eleanor

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