RMASFAA Website’s New Archive Section

Did you know that the RMASFAA website has a new archives section?

At the 2013 winter meeting, the RMASFAA board discussed the need to have a way to store archival information electronically.  They wanted to be able to access archives rather than having this information stored in a box somewhere.

Research was conducted on an external hard drive and on using Dropbox for this solution.  However, at the 2014 winter meeting, under the direction of then Vice President, Jenny Leigh Adler, the board decided to inquire about having an archives section on the RMASFAA website.  ATAC, our website provider, was able to set this up and we now have an archives page on the website!


Archives picture

The RMASFAA archives are only available to members.  At this time, RMASFAA is archiving conference and summer institute contracts, newsletters (published before the launch of the online blog), conference programs and photos.

If you have any of these items lying around in your files and would like to contribute them to the archive, please forward to Tony Lubbers, Vice President.  As Vice President, Tony is the official archivist for RMASFAA.  He can be reached at lubberst@friends.edu.

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