Training Tip of the Month — January

Did you Know

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to add fresh content to your financial aid office’s Facebook page?  Do you need updated photos for your website?  Or are you looking for videos to include in your “Financial Aid Night” presentations?

Federal Student Aid provides all of the above, and then some, in its Financial Aid Toolkit!  Best of all, it’s free and FSA encourages financial aid folks to take advantage of it.  No worries about copying someone else’s work!

The Financial Aid Toolkit was released by FSA a year ago to provide federal student aid information and tools for high school counselors, TRiO advisors, and other college access professionals, so you may not have looked too closely at it then.  However, it also provides a wealth of resources for FA officials in its “Search Financial Aid Tools and Resources” section.

Sample Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube, and more!

You may filter the information you need by the resource type, audience type, the topic, and time of year to get a variety of handouts, PowerPoint presentations, sample Tweets and Facebook posts, videos, and more.  You may “borrow” photos from FSA’s Facebook page.  Those cute FAFSA YouTube videos can be linked to or embedded in your presentations or webpages.  The FSA content has been market tested and requires minimal effort on your part.  You can subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified when resources are added to the site.

Need an idea for an article?

The “Conduct Outreach” section of the Toolkit contains suggested topics and wording for articles or emails, if you need ideas for communications to students and parents.  With FSA resources, it’s okay to copy and paste information into your own messages!

What you CAN’T do

The list of things you can’t do with FSA content is much shorter than the list of things you can.  You may not sell the content.  You may not use ED’s logos or branding on your own materials.  You CAN add to it or edit it, as long you don’t change the meaning of the content.


Financial Aid Toolkit:

Federal Student Aid YouTube:

Federal Student Aid Facebook:

Federal Student Aid Twitter:

2014 FSA Conference Session 35 “Plug & Play: FSA’s Easy-to-Use Resources to Effectively Engage Students & Families”



This Tip of the Month was provided by your RMASFAA Training Committee

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