President’s Update

Happy Tuesday, RMASFAA!

I am pleased to provide the first of what will be many updates from me during the coming year. The goal is to keep our valued RMASFAA members updated and aware of board decisions, as well as the work I am doing as I strive to represent our association, institutions, students, and each of you to the best of my ability. Please also consider this an open invitation to reach out to me on any of the below items (or any others you might be concerned about). Your feedback is not only welcomed, it is absolutely critical to the success of RMASFAA.

  • We had a very successful fall conference here in Utah at the Snowbird Resort. Special thanks go out to Camille Johnson and Kim Knapton (conference co-chairs), as well as all committee members, presenters, and attendees. If you were unable to attend (or if you were there but would like to review conference sessions), selected handouts and session recordings are now available on the conference page at Rohit Kulkarni and the Electronic Initiatives Committee worked very hard to make this possible. Thank you very much! And while we’re talking about the annual conference, now is a good time to mark your calendars for next year’s RMASFAA Conference, which will be held October 11-14, 2015 at the Westin Hotel in Westminster, Colorado.
  • On November 17-18, I had the privilege of attending the NASFAA Board Meeting in New Orleans as an observer. What a great learning experience! I was extremely impressed with the quality of leadership and commitment to our profession that is consistently demonstrated by our NASFAA staff and national leadership.
  • On November 20, the Board of Directors approved the 2014-15 budget. I truly appreciate the input and dedication of each board member, as well as our fantastic committee chairs. Each of them was an invaluable part of the budgeting process, and I’m very excited at the plans and goals for the coming year. The detailed budget spreadsheet has been posted on the RMASFAA website (under ‘Board of Directors Minutes/Reports’ on the ‘Leadership & Minutes’ tab). It is in two parts because the file was too large to upload in one document!
  • On November 21, I signed the contract for the 2016 RMASFAA Conference, which will be held October 23-26, 2016 at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn in Rapid City, South Dakota. The contract is posted in the ‘Archives’ section of the RMASFAA website. A big thank-you to Carolyn Halgerson and Laura Schultz, our 2016 conference co-chairs!
  • I am already making my travel plans to visit all eight of our phenomenal RMASFAA states in the spring, and I’m very excited to attend your individual state conferences and events! Thank you to the boards of each state association, as well as to the conference and program committees, for making time for me. As you may have heard, the ‘RMASFAA Update’ will take a little different slant this year. We will be holding active feedback sessions in order to gather member input on different topics that will guide the future direction of RMASFAA (this is very timely as we work toward approving a new set of Strategic Directives at next year’s annual conference). Once again, I invite your participation and best thinking. It’s an exciting time to be part of our profession and association!

Thank you again for your participation in RMASFAA and for all you do to strengthen and support our profession and the students you serve. Please let me know if I can help you or your institutions in any way.

Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season!

Art Young

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